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What is PingoLearn?

PingoLearn offers language courses with snackable content. Our goal is to teach languages with real-life conversational content. One needs to know 2500-3000 words to understand 90% of everyday conversations. This is just 2% of a language! We are teaching actual usable language with engaging content. The problem we are trying to solve is that language learning, the way it’s currently done is very boring and rote-learning based. We all have tried memorizing complex grammar rules and learning about n types of adjectives! This isn't the natural way to learn a language. It isn't how we learned our mother tongue. We want to make learning a language as enjoyable as binge-watching videos.

We are integrating our video content with language tools to improve learning outcomes. In the next version of the PingoLearn app, one can watch videos with dual subtitles, one in English and the other in the language you already know or speak. Every word in the English subtitles will be clickable and will open a dictionary inside the app. These tough words will be automatically saved in a separate library for revision. The idea is to make learning your favorite language seamless without needing to open a dictionary in between the video and taking notes of tough words.

1 in 4 people on earth are active language learners! Our vision is to create the least boring language learning app.

Download the PingoLearn app to participate in our 31-day English challenge!

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Unknown member
Dec 15, 2021

What is your business model,is it valuable or it's just waste my time ,how you earn money with no fee?

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