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Become a PingoLearn Ambassador

Young Vlogger

If you’re a content creator who's passionate about language learning, we invite you to join hands with us to create an impact for millions of language learners!

PingoLearn offers language courses with mini video lessons inspired by real-life conversations. We aim to build the "least boring" app to master a language. Your audience will love PingoLearn!

Who Should Apply?

1. Content creators with 2000+ followers on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube and more than 2% engagement rate according to Social Blade.

2. Content creators shall have a demonstrated passion for language learning and culture.

What will every Ambassador receive?

1. Earn money by helping us reach more people

2. Free PingoLearn premium subscription for 1 year

What is every Ambassador supposed to do?

We ask ambassadors to share their language-learning journey with a few posts per month from their approved social platform(s). Use your personalized referral link to share PingoLearn on the platforms and earn cash!

How To Apply?

Please fill the form given below and start your journey with us:

Thank you! We’ll be in touch soon.

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